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Customizing the main page

Hi.  So I finally figured out how to create a custom bg for the mainpage but I'm not happy about the quality.  Too pixellated, but then wikia's parameters are very restrictive and I do want to use KuSajou image that is colorized and official.  That's also limiting.  If anyone has solid skills in manipulating images via Paint or Gimp or Photoshop, I'm open to help and/or suggestions.  On the Psycho-Pass wiki I administer, an editor actually created an alternate mainpage and offered it to me.  It was awesome and we used it. Over time, he became a great editor and ally, and was eventually promoted to adminship.  That's how it happened for me, as well.  Being such a new wiki, I'm looking for editors who are devoted (very) and skilled (to some extent).  So keep contributing, keep editing and keep telling your friends about this wikia.  Thanks to you all who have edited so far.  Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk) 17:03, June 17, 2016 (UTC)
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This is the first wikia dedicated to the story of Kusakabe and Sajou.  It's a group project so we can do whatever we want here (within reason).  As the admin, I'm just here to provide a vision and direction and maybe some text.  I have been known to write.
Anyway, I hope this wiki grows and if not, I'll still be adding info on a regular basis.  Meanwhile, if you haven't seen the film, please go watch it.  And if you haven't read the original manga and its sequels, please go read them.
A word about forum posting:  it is considered polite to use the "four tilde system" as your signature.  That means that after you type your message, you literally type 4 tildes (tilde = ~)  at the end of your message. That will automatically provide your Username, a link for others to respond, the tme based on the Universal Time Clock and the date.  So please abide.
If we all play nicely together, this can be awesome.
Ja ne!
Angelle aka Luxartisan (talk) 01:16, June 6, 2016 (UTC)
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